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                                                Terms and Conditions


  1. This website is being design for the International Market and the Home Market too. As there are Four Official languages in Switzerland the basic information is in English. Depending on your Browser and Internet Provider by clicking on the Translation Button there may be a Translation in the preferred Language.
  2. By clicking the « buy « box before buying you (The Purchaser) have agreed to the Terms and conditions set about doing business with Prima Natura Reform Haus Luzern Switzerland.


  1. To Register on this website, you must be over the age of eighteen. Updating our website is constantly in progress due to a growing industry so please note there will be changes. Before every purchase please read our Terms and conditions and then click to purchase. If you do not accept our Terms and conditions you must not use this website.
  2. All care will be taken by processing and delivering your products. If by human error you may suffer or lose your order or data, we will try our best to rectify the error. We cannot be held responsible for more than what the product cost. If a third party misuses our products or data we cannot be held responsible for any damages.
  3. By clicking the « Buy « button you have enabled a process of logistically processing and delivering without any changes. After you have bought the products online a note may appear with a confirmation. It there is not a confirmation, you must contact us immediately via email or Whatsapp. If the product is no longer available, you will be notified and you money will be returned or you will be given a voucher for your next purchase online.


  1. We reserve all rights not to accept your order and to cancel your order request…
  2. If authorisation of payments are not possible.
  3. If the customers do not agree to our terms and conditions
  4. If there are errors for product description
  5. If there are price errors for the products. 
  6. If Product are not available

       1) While we try to deliver as soon as possible there maybe unforeseen circumstances delaying deliveries. Under normal business procedures we deliver between two to three days. As Organic / Bio products have a different shelf life, it is usual there may be delays making sure you the customer get the best products.

E      1) Payments can be made online: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Twint, Post Card, (Internet Banking ; Must be made 7 days in Advance) etc.

F       1) If we there is a security need, further identification will be requested in accepting and delivering your orders.

2) Only when your payment is confirmed and the money is on our account the deliveries will be made. There will be no deliveries without payment first.

3) We cannot be held responsible or liable for any payment delays due to Financial institutes.

G       1) Cancellation of Orders: A service charge of One Hundred or more Swiss Frances will be charged according to the time which is required to process any changes.


         1) The minimum time of delivery is usually Three hours in the City of Luzern.

         2) For the rest of Switzerland usually Two till Three days.

         3) For products which must be outsourced between Seven till Twenty-eight days.

         4) For special express services: Same day order Same day delivery in Switzerland: A Basic cost of One Thousand Swiss Francs plus service charges according to weight and weather conditions.

         5)Deadline date for not delivering and cancelations of payments and orders is Sixty days.

I        1) Prices shown on our website includes Taxes (Mwst) VAT.

2) We always ensure and try our best to be as accurate with pricing, descriptions, details etc. there may be instances for error. Please contact us to make any corrections before using our website.

3) If there is error in the pricing and description of products, you will be informed and a mutual agreement will be made. You will be given the option of reconfirming your order with the correct description, pricing and processing of your Or Cancelling your order.

J       1) All care is taken to ensure the correct description is shown on our website. We do not accept any liability for any             incorrect information.

2) If the customers see any errors, it is their right to contact us before purchasing.

3) With time products and nutritional values may vary according to research and developments. Information might differ from the outlined labelling or translations.

3) We do monitor the active market and update our website when seen necessary.

K       Return of Products.

         1) We do not accept any Return Products.

2) If the products are defective or not up to the description outlined,    we will take the necessary measures to liaise with the suppliers and have the matter rectified.

3) The Customers have to right to contact the Producers / Suppliers directly.


1) We always take good care of your data and ensure that your data is   secured. If for any reason data is hacked, stolen, lost, misused etc. by a third party, you cannot hold us responsible.    

         2) Prima Natura does not give you any authority to any copy right or any intellectual property published on our website or thereof, unless otherwise specified and must not be altered, used or sent to others without written consent.

M      1) Indemnity: You fully agree NOT to hold us ( Prima Natura Luzern Owners and workers or suppliers)  responsible for any claims, liabilities, losses, expenses, costs, damages, legal fees etc. arising out of any breach of contract by conditions outlined on our website by you or any person using your account to access our website.

         2) Prima Natura Luzern may update – Change information without notice and shall not be held liable for past, present and future information.

         3)If you do not agree to the terms and conditions outline on our website, you must not use our website.

         4) We reserve all rights to stop you using our website and to terminate all business with you at any given time.

         5) Swiss laws do not allow the sale of alcohol to those ages under 18. If it be known that you are under age of 18 and still use our website, the case will be referred to the law enforcement authorities.

         6) We do not guarantee – warranty that our website is error free. We are not responsible, if we re unable to provide any information requested by you the customer.

         7) Given that the products labelled, manufactured, produced, altered etc. by our suppliers that we sell do not belong to us.

         8) Links on our website are not controlled by us and do not belong to us, therefore you cannot hold us responsible for anything whatsoever.

         9) We cannot give any guarantee – warranty for the products therefore it is your responsibility to inform yourself by contacting the supplier or us before buying.

         10) You will be held liable for misusing our website or any costs arising out of any acts of hacking etc.

         11) You cannot hold us responsible for any injury, damages, sickness, side effects death arising out of delivering and using our products.

         12) You cannot hold us responsible for any unseen catastrophes.

N       Our Terms and Conditions exclude us from any costs arising out of     any mishaps and we shall in no way whatsoever be made to pay any costs of have any liabilities and therefore we must not pay any money.

O       On clicking on the buy button you have agreed to all our terms and conditions out line on our website. If you do not agree, please contact us before any purchases. After purchasing you are 100 % for all the purchases, Terms of Conditions etc.